Seeing the Civil War

Tag: 22nd Pennsylvania Infantry

Wikipedia says: …As Colonel commanding the Philadelphia Blues when the American Civil War broke out, [Turner Gustavus] Morehead immediately offered the services of his battalion to the Governor of Pennsylvania. It was accepted and he was ordered to expand the battalion into a full regiment which was mustered into three months of service on April 17, 1861, as the 22nd Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers with Turner G. Morehead remaining as Colonel.

The 22nd Regiment quickly proceeded to Baltimore, where it served, partly as provost guard. Colonel Morehead assumed command of the city when its police commissioners were arrested by General Banks, five companies of the 22nd were detailed for duty in the central part of the city for ten days, anticipating trouble from the large secessionist faction in the city. Other detachments of the regiment seized large quantities of arms and ammunition secreted in the city in the possession of suspected secessionists. One company was also detailed to guard a magazine in the city until the close of its term of service. At the end of its term of service, the regiment returned to Philadelphia, and was mustered out on August 7, 1861.

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