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Wikipedia says: A wall tent, also known as an outfitter tent, safari tent, or sheep herder tent is a type of tent that has four straight vertical walls that provide more headroom than traditional pyramid-shaped tents. Wall tents are typically made of a heavy canvas and are used by hunters because they can accommodate several people and their supplies. Wall tents are suitable as a four-season tent, as they are able to accommodate a wood stove. Frames may be either internal or external. Tents are light weight yet sturdy. They are easy to carry & not too difficult when it comes to setting them up.

Wall tents have been used for centuries. Paintings from 1544 illustrate wall tents with pavilions and wedges, a model of a wall tent from the mid-17th century can be found in a European museum, and there are drawings of wall tents being used in a military setting from 1740. Wall tents are known to have also been used by prospectors, trappers, and by soldiers during the civil war.