Image ID: AABI


by Russell (Andrew J.)



Negative Size:

6.5 in. x 8.5 in.


portable steam engine; sawhorse

Locations & Lines:

Alexandria VA; Orange & Alexandria Railroad (O&A); Potomac River; Virginia

Military Units:

US Military Railroads (USMRR); US Army

Structures & Establishments:

USMRR Wharf (Alexandria VA)


barge; rowboat; schooner; USMRR locomotive Epping


Boston Athenaeum; Huntington Library; J. Paul Getty Museum; Library of Congress

USMRR locomotive “Epping” on the railroad wharf, Alexandria, VA.

Haupt, United States Military Railway Department. Construction And Transportation. No. 34. Wharf at Alexandria, Va., used by U. S. Military Railroad Department. On the right are seen two barges with trucks, forming one of the floats used for the transportation of cars and engines. At the end are three bridges to facilitate the loading and unloading of cars. On the float is a small hoisting and pumping engine, several of which are used to supply water stations.

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