File Details: AAPMm, 350 DPI, TIFF, Original Negative, 6.8 Mb

Image ID: AAPM


by Fowx (Egbert G.)



Negative Size:

6.5 in. x 8.5 in.


barrel; crate; horse; saddle; wall tent

Locations & Lines:

Belle Plain VA; Potomac River; Virginia

Military Units:

Army of the Potomac; 2nd Corps; 6th Corps; US Army

Structures & Establishments:

Lower wharf (Belle Plain VA)


ferry boat Cedar Hill; freight wagon; rowboat; side-wheeler George Weems


J. Paul Getty Museum; Library of Congress; National Archives; USAMHI – MOLLUS collection

The MOLLUS Collection says: Lower wharf, Belle Plain, Va., – Potomac River.

Library of Congress incorrectly says: Landing supplies on the James River, Va. 1865.

Freight wagons from the 2nd and 6th Corps.

Fowx negative no. 550.

Etched onto negative: 550 [crossed out]. 416.

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