Image ID: AALO


by Russell (Andrew J.)



Negative Size:

10 in. x 13 in.

Locations & Lines:

City Point VA; City Point & Army Line Railroad (CP&AL); James River; Virginia

Military Units:

US Military Railroads (USMRR); US Army

Structures & Establishments:

Capt. Camp’s Wharf (City Point VA); Capt. Camp’s Wharf Storehouse (b) (City Point VA); Dispatcher’s and Forage Master’s Office (City Point VA); Quartermaster Forage Wharf Storehouse (City Point VA); Quartermaster’s Office – Capt. Camp’s Wharf (City Point VA); USMRR Carpenter Shop (a) (City Point VA); USMRR Engine House (City Point VA)


schooner; USMRR floating pile driver (a); USMRR floating pile driver (b)


Gilder Lehrman Institute; Library of Congress; San Francisco MOMA

Russell, United States Military Railroad Photographic Album. No. 144. City Point R.R. Depot, looking toward Petersburg.

San Francisco MOMA: City Point Depot and Quartermaster’s Buildings .

Both of the USMRR floating pile-drivers. The Dispatcher’s Office is under construction in the middle background.

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