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by Russell (Andrew J.)



Negative Size:

8 in. x 11 in.

Locations & Lines:

James River; Manchester VA; Richmond VA; Rockett’s Landing (Richmond VA); Virginia

Military Units:

CS Navy

Structures & Establishments:

Byrds Warehouse (Manchester VA)


CSS Patrick Henry; CSS Texas; schooner; side-wheeler Monohansett


Library of Congress

Library of Congress says: Richmond, Va. View of “Rocketts” & James River. [Photograph shows the Confederate shipyard and dock on the James River southeast of Richmond.]

Comment on Vintage Richmond website: The wreckage in the river on the left is the steam engine of the CSS Patrick Henry, Confederate Navy schoolship which was scuttled by the old gasworks. The aft end of the ship on the ways is the wooden hull intended for the ironclad, CSS Texas which was towed to Norfolk soon after this picture was taken. The double ended steamers to the right are salvaging the remains of the Confederate Navy wooden gunboats which carried Rafael Semmes and his naval command upriver after they blew up the ironclad James River Squadron at Drewry’s Bluff. You can see a canal boat on its frame to the left of the old brick warehouse that used to be called “Byrds Warehouse.”