File Details: AXCPm, 400 DPI, TIFF, Original Photograph, 17.9 Mb

Image ID: AXCP


by Smith (William M.)



Negative Size:

8 in. x 10 in.


barrel; barrel tap; basket; bucket (wood); horse; wine or beer bottle

Locations & Lines:

Gettysburg PA; Gettysburg battlefield PA; Pennsylvania


Carpenter (S. M.); Gardner (Alexander); Gardner (James); Reekie (John); Whitely (L. A.), Carpenter (S. M.); Gardner (Alexander); Gardner (James); Reekie (John); Whiteley (L. A.)


ambulance wagon; freight wagon; horse


National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery says: Members of the Press After the Ceremonies. [This photograph was taken following the dedication of the Bull Run battle monument on June 11, 1865. Alexander Gardner is at the far left, and his brother James is lying on the grass to the right (with the hat). Other people in the picture are New York Herald reporters S. M. Carpenter (lifedates unknown), seated second from the left in profile, and L. A. Whiteley (1825–1869), standing ninth from the left. The photograph is attributed to William Morris Smith, an employee of Gardner’s.]

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