Image ID: ADQQ


unknown photographer



Negative Size:

8 in. x 10 in.


flag; folding chair; scabbard; sword; wall tent

Locations & Lines:

Cold Harbor VA; Virginia

Military Units:

US Army


Bache (Francis M.); Barstow (Simon F.); Berlin (C. L.); Biddle (James C.); Billings (John S.); Bissell (C. T.); Burton (Henry S.); Craig (J.); Edie (John R.); Emory (C. D.); Fisher (Benjamin F.); Ghiselin (James T.); Howell (C. T.); Humphreys (Andrew A.); Hunt (Henry J.); Ingalls (Rufus); Jay (William); Lyman (Wyllys); Mason (Addison G.); McParlin (Thomas A.); Meade (George G.); Meade (George Jr.); Page (Henry); Patrick (Marsena R.); Pease (Charles E.); Platt (Edward R.); Riddle (William); Rosencrantz (Frederick); Sanders (William); Sharpe (George H.); Stryker (Lt.); Wilson (Thomas); Worth (William S.)


Library of Congress; National Archives; USAMHI – MOLLUS collection

Library of Congress says: Major General Geo. G. Meade and staff.

Etched onto negative: 9326, No. 91, Genl Meade & Staff [all crossed out]. 27.

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