Image ID: AAPZ


by Fowx (Egbert G.)



Negative Size:

6.5 in. x 8.5 in.


pickaxe; shovel; telegraph pole

Locations & Lines:

Orange & Alexandria Railroad (O&A); Virginia

Military Units:

US Military Railroads (USMRR); US Army; USMRR Construction Corps


Boston Athenaeum; Library of Congress; National Archives; USAMHI – MOLLUS collection

Library of Congress says: Repairing Orange and Alexandria Railroad near Catlett’s Station, after its destruction by the Confederates, October 1863.

Boston Athenaeum says: Civilian employees of the U.S. military railroad repairing the Orange and Alexandria tracks near Catlett’s Station, Va., September 1862 [sic].

Etched onto negative: Construction Corps [illegible] at Cattlets Station: 397.

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