Image ID: AAJM


by Russell (Andrew J.)



Negative Size:

10 in. x 13 in.


cannon; Howitzer gun; Parrott Rifle gun; solid shot

Locations & Lines:

Canal Basin (Richmond VA); Richmond VA; Virginia

Military Units:

CS Army; US Army

Structures & Establishments:

Custom House (Richmond VA); Exchange Bank (Richmond VA); St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Richmond VA); State Capitol (Richmond VA); Sycamore Church (Richmond VA)


Gilder Lehrman Institute; Library of Congress; National Archives; USAMHI – MOLLUS collection; Virginia Historical Society

Virginia Historical Society says: Richmond Across the Canal Basin Showing Ruined Buildings, Capitol in Distance, April, 1865.

Library of Congress says: View taken from south side of canal basin, Richmond, Va., – April, 1865–showing Capitol, Custom House, etc.

Etched onto negative: Ruins Richmond. 562.

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