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unknown photographer



Negative Size:

6.5 in. x 8.5 in.

Locations & Lines:

Syracuse NY; New York


Douglass (Frederick)


Onondaga Historical Association Museum

Stauffer, Trodd & Bernier, Picturing Frederick Douglass says: Douglass likely sat for this photograph when he visited Syracuse between July 30 and August 1, 1843.

National Portrait Gallery says: Douglass likely sat for this daguerreotype in the Boston studio of Southworth & Hawes before he left for England in August 1845. The Twelfth National Anti-Slavery Bazaar, held at Faneuil Hall in December 1845, offered for sale “an excellent Daguerreotype of Frederick Douglass,” according to The Liberator (January 23, 1846). The daguerreotype was “the gift of Mr. Southworth” and “elicited much attention.” John Chester Buttre created an engraving from the daguerreotype, which appeared in Autographs for Freedom (1854), a gift book edited by Douglass’s friend Julia Griffiths to raise money for his North Star newspaper.

Southworth & Hawes (active 1843–1862)
Whole-plate daguerreotype, c. 1845< Onondaga Historical Association Museum, Syracuse, NY

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