Image ID: AMDY


unknown photographer



Negative Size:


Locations & Lines:

Alexandria VA; Virginia

Military Units:

141st New York Infantry; 141st New York Infantry (Company F); US Military Railroads (USMRR); US Army


Fowx (Egbert G.); Russell (Andrew J.)

Structures & Establishments:

USMRR Photographic Department (Alexandria, VA)


Private collection

Susan E. Williams, The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 110, No. 4, p440: Capt. Andrew J. Russell (1829-1902) arrived in the Old Dominion in September 1862 with his regiment, the 141st New York Infantry, on assignment to defend Washington, D.C. In March of the following year, Russell was detached from his regiment to serve as government photographer. Russell is shown here in his uniform, standing on the steps of photographic department headquarters, in Alexandria. His teacher, Egbert G. Fowx, is leaning against the porch post, and his two assistants are seated below on the steps.

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