File Details: AKZVm, 1400 DPI, TIFF, Original Negative, 42.3 Mb

Image ID: AKZV


by Barnard (George N.)



Negative Size:



cheval de frise; Read shell

Locations & Lines:

Charleston harbor; Charleston SC; Fort Sumter SC; South Carolina

Military Units:

CS Army; US Army


Library of Congress

Photographic History. The War For The Union. War Views. No. 3051. View of Fort Sumpter [sic], showing the debris, shot, and shell. [Anthony Co. stereo card]

War Views. Charleston, S. C. and Forts in Vicinity. No. 348. Sea Face of Fort Sumpter. [John P. Soule stereo card]

Photographic War History. The War For The Union. 1861-1865. No. 6051. Fort Sumter after the Bombardment. (Numbers 6051 and 6052 are entirely different scene) This is a view of a portion of the exterior of the celebrated Fort Sumter, in Charleston Harbor, S. C. The heavy batteries on Morris Island aided by a fleet of Monitors, gave this fort a terrible bombardment. It was, at the commencement of this bombardment, a handsome, symetrical [sic] fort. This photograph was made after the bombardment, and shows what a fearful pounding the fort has received; in fact it is scarcely more than a mass of ruins. Shot, shell, and dismounted and broken cannon are scattered about like leaves of a forest. [Taylor & Huntington stereo card]

Anthony No. 3051.

Etched onto negative: 3051 [crossed out]. 6051.

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