Image ID: ADNP


by Fowx (Egbert G.)



Negative Size:

6.5 in. x 8.5 in.


chair; flag; scabbard; sword

Locations & Lines:

Alexandria VA; Virginia

Military Units:

164th New York Infantry; US Army


Beattie (David J.); Boyle (Robert); Burke (Timothy J.); Callanan (Stephen A.); Crowley (Daniel); Davidson (George M.); Dunn (John); Hickey (Thomas); Kerrny (J. J.); Maroney (W.); McCaffry (Edward M.); McGurn (Thomas); Moynihan (D. C.); O’Reilly (B.); O’Rorke (M.); O’Sullivan (J. A.); Reddy (James M.); Watters (Charles)


National Archives; USAMHI – MOLLUS collection

National Archives says: Officers of 164th N.Y. Inf.

MOLLUS collection says: 164th New York Infantry. standing, from left: 2nd Lt. J. J. Kerrny, *1st Lt. E. McCaffry, Lt. S. A. Callanan, Capt. M. O. O’Rorke, Capt. B. O’Reilly, *1st Lt. R. Boyle, Capt. T. J. Burke, *1st Lt. C. Watters, 1st Lt. D. J. Beattie, 1st Lt. G. M .Davidson.
seated, from left: Lt. T. McGurn, 1st Lt. D. Crowley, Capt. D. C. Moynihan, *Capt. W. Maroney, *Capt. T. Hickey, *2d Lt. J. A. O’Sullivan, *1st Lt. J. Dunn, *1st Lt. J. M. Reddy. (*Killed at Cold Harbor)

Probably Alexandria, VA vicinity.

Eight of the eighteen were killed at Cold Harbor.

Fowx negative no. 214.

Etched onto negative: 214 [crossed out]. 255.

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