Image ID: ACNH


unknown photographer



Negative Size:

8 in. x 10 in.


boot scraper; folding chair; scabbard; sword

Locations & Lines:

City Point VA; Virginia

Military Units:

US Army


Andrews (J. W.); Hackley (C. E.); Hull (Lt.); Noyes (Edward H.); Perkins (Capt.); Russell (Capt.; Sayles (Capt.); Seibert (Louis); Wilson (James H.); Yard (Lt.)


Chrysler Museum of Art; Library of Congress; National Archives; USAMHI – MOLLUS collection

Library of Congress says: Major General James H. Wilson and staff, City Point, Va., July 1864.

National Archives says: Maj. Gen. James H. Wilson and staff of nine. Capt. Louis Seibert, Capt. Perkins, Capt. Sayles, Maj. C.E. Hackley, Lieut. Hull, Lieut. J.W. Andrews, Lieut. Yard, Capt. Edward H. Noyes, Capt. Russell. This picture was taken just before the Reams Station Raid.

Etched onto negative: New No. 213, 9805 [both crossed out]. 163.

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