An Encyclopedic Catalog
of Civil War Photographs,
their Creators, and their contents.

An Encyclopedic Catalog
of Civil War Photographs,
their Creators, and their contents.

See the Civil War come alive!

Welcome to our site and enjoy browsing our large collection of high quality, thoughtfully curated and digitized Civil War Photographs

This site features a large selection of fine quality, carefully restored U.S. Civil War photographs ready for purchase and immediate download. When you click on any of our photographs, you will be able to learn about the content and context surrounding it, including: the name of the photographer, the date it was taken, the location, the person or persons seen in the photo, as well as transports, structures, equipment, military units, sources of documentation and more.

A Message from Miles...

I began collecting digital copies of Civil War photos nearly twenty years ago, cataloging them in a database that brought together the (sometimes contradictory) information from all the various sources for each photo. The database record for each image also included links to other records for the people, places and things that could be identified in that photo. It was really quite impressive. When the time came to turn the database into a website, I discovered it was also going to be really quite expensive, in comparison to my means. Luckily, some clever local web designers worked out a relatively affordable way for a WordPress website to do what my database does, with the catch that I would myself have to do the work of transferring the information record by record – I can’t just transfer the data wholesale. I’m estimating that just doing the records I’ve already got completed in the database (about 8000) will probably take a year, so it will be worth checking back frequently, ‘cause I’m going to be adding records very regularly.

In cataloging the contents of the photos, I’ve had to become passingly familiar with a variety of subjects like 1860s artillery pieces, or tents, or locomotives. However, I’m not an expert on any of those subjects, I have no doubt made many errors and omissions, and I welcome any constructive feedback from the actual experts.

The digital downloads of the photos are priced from $0.99 to $9.99, based on the size of the file. For many photos, I am offering more than one version for download. If I have the original negative, it is always offered. If I also have an original print that has aged better or is of a higher resolution than the negative, it will also be offered.

Thank you for visiting the website, and I hope you find it enjoyable and informative. 

Miles Hai,

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There are a number of ways to browse our site. If you have a particular topic, location, battlefield, or individual in mind, then we suggest that you click on our “index” page. It is organized alphabetically, so it is easy to find the subject you are looking for. Once you click on a particular item, you will see a gallery of related photographs and can then browse them at your leisure.