Seeing the Civil War


File Details: AKZZm, 1400 DPI, TIFF, Original Negative, 42.2 Mb

Image ID: AKZZ


by Cooley (Samuel A.)



Negative Size:

4 in. x 6.5 in. stereo

Locations & Lines:

Charleston harbor; Charleston SC; Fort Sumter SC; South Carolina

Military Units:

CS Army; US Army

Structures & Establishments:

Fort Sumter Beacon (Fort Sumter SC)


Library of Congress

Photographic War History. The War For The Union. 1861-1865. No. 6056. Exterior view of Fort Sumter, S. C. This view shows how this famous fort was battered by the Union batteries, and also shows the method adopted by the Rebels to protect the walls against the shot and shell. [Taylor & Huntington stereo card]

War Views. Charleston, S. C. and Forts in Vicinity. No. 336. Palmetto Fortifications on the Channel side of Fort Sumpter [sic]. [John P. Soule stereo card]

Anthony No. 3056.

Etched onto negative: 3056, changed to 6056. copyright.

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