Seeing the Civil War


File Details: AKZUm, 1400 DPI, TIFF, Original Negative, 42.5 Mb

Image ID: AKZU


by Barnard (George N.)



Negative Size:



canister shot; cheval de frise; Read shell

Locations & Lines:

Charleston harbor; Charleston SC; Fort Sumter SC; South Carolina

Military Units:

CS Army; US Army


Library of Congress

Photographic History. The War For The Union. War Views. No. 3050. View of Fort Sumpter [sic], showing the debris, shot and shell. [Anthony Co. stereo card]

Library of Congress says: Charleston, South Carolina. Exterior view of Fort Sumter showing result of bombardment from August 17 to September 23, 1863 and chevaux-de-frise for protection against assault.

Anthony No. 3050.

Etched onto negative: 3050. copyright.

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